Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jhonty Rhodes - A man ahead of ball

Well what can i say about a man who changed the dynamics of Cricket game just by fielding and taught others how matches can be won by fielding alone...What thorough obedience in the fielding will cost...a man who always stays a foot or two above the ground... Yes, Its none other than our Jhonty Rhodes... who always is one step ahead of ball.

If ball does 100 Kmphs off bat,Jhonty will do 101 to catch it!!!...if i remember it right i came across a comment on him saying that "Earth is covered by 75% water and rest 25% by Jhonty."

If you see the above video, one can only imagine what happened as the stumps suddenly got uprooted!!!... It shows how Jhonty is attentive in the field.. the secret behind his ability is the pace he generates in the first few (nano..micro!!)seconds as he sees the ball approaching him...You can see him behave like normal man only in slow-motion video as he is terribly quick for the live one.

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