Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Indian railway (National Geographic documentry)

Well! I hope you must be doing well, relaxed about to read my post!!!

This time i thought of writing something bit old but gold! Something about a documentory which i got hooked onto the first time...It was about our Indian railways and its heritage and cultural and economical impact it governs us.National Geographic has done a exemplary job of making such a show showing the memories of many who directly or indirectly related to railways.

Though this documentry is about 53 mins the above one is the initial part of it.

This documentry opens with a early morning sun over rajasthan with camels and cuts to a winter morning view over railway tracks where a person walking in the middle of the track.Typical portray of Indian morning beside a railway track! On the right side you see a distant train coming... Opens the magical voice "India is the land of dreams...Images however floating are remembered long after journeys end..."

I was hunting for this video for 7 years and i have got my hands into to it recently...What i like the most is the segment showing the Palur station and the calmness in the village side stations... which are nearing (already has) to its end quickly as most of the stations are closed as there is no revenue.

Personal recommendation: Try to watch this video on a rainy day take leave to office, free your mind of all tension :) let the rain start (dark!...cloudy!!...down pouring!!!) have a sip of tea watching the rain (Heavenly isnt?!!!) create a mood for watching...start this video and enjoy... if possible ask your mom to prepare hot onion pakoda!!!

Relax as railways and pakoda make a great combination :) :) :)


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