Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WDP4 Locomotive

Today we're gonna see about Wide Diesel Passenger 4 locomotive shortly dubbed as WDP4 an indian version of 4000HP diesel locomotive!
Brought into Indian railways (IR) through Transfer of Technology (ToT) from Electro Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors USA model EMD GT46PAC.Passenger version is called WDP4 and Goods version WDG4.

India's first WDP4 20000 original EMD make hauling Hyderabad-Chennai express

This loco is highly capable diesel locomotive in IR loco roster capable of pulling 24 coach train upto 110-120 KMPH, Main reason behind my impression on this loco is the characterstic aircraft like sound from the massive V16 engine.

With Udayan Express listen to this beast notching up at 0:44 just like a jet aircraft!

First i happened to see this loco in action in Guntur-Hyderabad
section where it used to pull Hyderabad express, Sabari express etc.this loco surely is termed fondly as beast, monster, king of diesel, diesel god! from any railfan seeing this loco in action.WDP4 was brought into India in 2006 in SCR, KR (South Central Railway, Konkan Railway) and in the sections of Hubli and vas co to pull heavy mineral ore up the hill section,recently WDP4 entered into SR (Southern Railway) where it is doing honors of pulling Pandian Express, Nellai Express, Guruvayur Express etc.Youtube has many videos of first day first run of WDP4 with pandian blasting more than 100+ KMPH near Mambalam / Guindy stations. I once saw this loco pulling lalbagh express to banglore thundering with horns blarring so loud you can hear them a mile away!

Though the video is 50 secs long, the whole train just took 20 seconds to clear the view, i doubt the MPS for the section is only 90 KMPH, this monster surely would have done more than 100 KMPH.

Just listen to the cattle prod like horn loud enough to awake you up from good morning sleep. Pandian Express departing from mambalam station to reach Egmore.

It is said to be most fuel efficient locomotive with milage of 0.25 KMPL with less smoke from 2 stroke EMD engine. This loco can be MU'ed upto 5, all locos operating in tandem powered by EMD2000 computer,with automatic wheel slip detection
computer can increase adhesion by applying sanding,This youtube video is an example of computer controlled wheel slip, to increase tractive effort, the wheels are made to slip on purpose.There is no doubt that this loco is called beast!

With road number starting 20000 till 20009 are imported from USA, now these have gone upto as far as 20100, indigenious production was undertaken by Diesel Loco Works,Varanasi as traction motors supplied by Siemens, Alternator by Kirloskar,20012 was nicknamed "BAAZ" with very different livery and fiberglas frame,the blue colour livery with orange stripe is BAAZ,you can see it in screenshot below

See how devastating WDP4 can be...

If u want to drive this locomotive, MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator) can be a good idea,as add-ons developed by many hard working railfans made this possible, Thanks to them here! :)

some screen shots here...

From my personal experience i can tell you, what other rail fans tell is true,Yes! it's a beast! you dont find much when you notch 1,2 but at notch 3 you feel the shear pick up, as it accelarates very quickly, you have that feeling things are happening very quick, that too while driving LHF (Long Hood First) with the driver cab at the back, there are 2 protrutions that would hinder your view; one being the Dynamic braking grid and the radiator grill at the end, many a times you could miss a signal due to poor visiblity.Recently there was a story in CNN-IBN highlighting this major issue.What i say is that it is not a design issue as this loco is designed as per US standards, We are using it in other way :(

What i could suggest is that railway can implement turn-table as it was used for steam engines to reverse or use Wye placement tracks so that we can reverse and change the direction.Indian Railways are always in denial mode of poor visiblity, Ofcourse it is not the design fault as this loco is designed by US standards and in US they always drive a loco SHF (Driver Cab in the front).But i have seen in WDG4's which always runs in MU mode, they couple a loco at last facing back direction just in case if any problem they can pull out in SHF mode.
Why not for WDP4 be used in SHF using turntable/Wye i really don't know what is going on :( If Indian railways are in pride that not even a single accident as been reported with WDP4, then its time they realise it might happen any time.

Though with such a locomotive dont think your train might arrive before time...as tracks are not in good condition all over India and some way or other there are speed restrictions which blocks continous running.

Have a safe journey!


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