Saturday, December 18, 2010

I know! Raghuvaran

Raghuvaran the most talented villain actor ever for south indian movies...His slow voice, body language is the key to his success.There can be many villians but the one who got a permanent place into millions of heart is none other than Raghuvaran....

Who can forget his acting in BAASHA, MUDHALVAN... many more feather to his cap!

Shankar once told that he called Raghuvaran for the MUDHALVAN discussion and after hearing the whole story and his character, Raghuvaran instantly gave his trademark look, immediately shankar got the clue that Raghu already got into the character as no further discussion business anymore... went straight to shoot with him!

RIP Raghuvaran :(

Last but not least !!! Raghuvaran Comedy video...

Good night!

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  1. Yes Raghuvaran is definitely missed by Tamil movie lovers ... definitely very ,very versatile and very unique amongst villains on the lines of Nambiar,asokan,Prakashraj,john travolta in face- off